K-10000 tower crane


The K-10000 tower crane is designed to freely handle a Hook Load of up to 264,000 lbs anywhere on the Jib.

The 264,000 lbs are handled in 12 Parts of Hoisting Line matching the 22,000 lbs Single Line Pull of the Winch.

By combining the 12 Parts from the Trolleys, with a separate 12-Part Reeving from an identical Winch also with 22,000 lbs Line Pull, a combined Lifting Capacity of 528,000 lbs is obtained.

The operation engaging the additional 12-Part Reeving is called Ultra Lift.
The Truss combining the two Trolley bone tackles is parallel to the Jib.

The Ultra Lift reeving consists of two 6-Part Tackles, one on each side of the Jib.  The Truss combining these two Tackles is perpendicular to the Jib.
The Ultra Lift Tackle is carried by a cross beam bolted to the Jib superstructure.  The beam can be at different positions, but must be in one specific position for the duration of each Ultra Lift.

The Ultra Lift is a valuable feature for an occasional lift above 264,000 lbs.

Each Ultra Lift must be designed by Kroll. 


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